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    • \'Avatar\' makes history 之閱讀問題

      .../entertainment/story.html?id=2487092&p=1 問題一.第一段 [Avatar..., giving director James Cameron a...spectacular is expected to rack up a slew of Oscar nominations. ] 其中 [a remarkable double...

    • 翻譯新聞英文!! Avatar

      ... offices 是票房的意思, 延伸自戲院的售票口或售票房. 這裡是在說Avatar在英國的票房很好. 2. human being 是人類的意思, 這裡是說, 雖然電影...

    • How to improve hearing of Eng?

      I agree with avatar for the writing part. As per improving ... persistency(cliche but true). Make yourself in the mood of English all the time, but not just "listen with your...