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    out of balance

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    • 請幫我翻譯以下兩句(中翻英) --送20點

      ...佣金餘額尚有$260,請問最近有新的訂單要下嗎? There are $260 balance out of your commision. Would you prefer to make a new order?

    • 幫我找出文法的錯誤?20點

      ... (用小寫的d; describing要改成describes) the nature ecological balance is out of control completely (這部份可以改為: that the nature is out of control completely...

    • 翻譯專業用語用於工業機械上

      機械專業英翻中Single component can not be balanced individually. Therefore no warranty on concentric run-out. Manufacturing according to class.單一元件無法單獨平衡,因此無法保證同心運轉,根據不同等級特別訂製。