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    • 有關stand 的片語?!

      ...stand for self-reliance. 我們主張自力更生。 13.stand guard 站崗,守衛,警戒 14.stand in need of 需要 They are now in need of help. 他們現在需要幫助。 15.stand in sb.'s path阻礙某人如願...

    • 幫我看看這一篇英文~~~~~哪裡可以改進??(15點!)

      ... was scared and needed...... ==> there were policemen go after ...and K-9 The man of the office inspector is standing in front of the desk. Eva ...

    • 徵求 For all the saints 歌詞中文翻譯

      ...那些需要幫忙的身旁的聖徒們, Yet all are saints who stand with those in need, 他們不用看會員證明也不用信徒使條. Asking no proofs of membership or creed. 他們只在意主傳喚他們來...