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    • 英文形容詞和副詞的選擇

      I need to propose an idea (which is) acceptable to the committee. 形容詞子句當idea的「限制性質的修飾語...一個「行為」。 I need to propose an idea in an acceptable way to the committee. =I need to propose an idea acceptably...

    • 文法That that that that student.

      ... that that that student points out is acceptable. 第一個That : 指示形容詞, 那個xx 第二... {that that} {(that student) points out} is acceptable. 她把第一個That視為連接詞引導名詞...

    • 英文文法翻譯差別

      ...was accepted by the crowd. 以此類推... 您的第二句 Your performance is acceptable for by the crowd. 意思應該是「你的表演是可以被觀眾接受的...