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    be afflicted with

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    • Afflict & Distress之差異。

      ...experience serious problem 讓某人痛苦或是經歷嚴重的問題. 常用於被動時態. 例句: be afflicted with / by: A country is afflicted by famine. Distress (n...

    • 約伯 英文翻譯, his children are killed, and his body is afflicted with a painful disease. 其主要角色,約伯,一個道德上無可指摘的人,突然間被一連串...

    • 這篇英文作文的錯誤地方在哪(15)

      ...have to fight with each other? 既然是作文,就不應該用口語方式寫問句。 I am always afflicted with this question, not knowing who can tell me the reason. 這裡的tell me...