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    be ahead

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    • being ahead of the game?

      being ahead of the game= Winning Thanh you for being ahead of the game 謝謝你(為我們)贏得勝利. 至於是否第一名則不在語意之內, 無法定論.

    • 一句話意思 getting ahead of oneself

      I am getting ahead of myself.就是類似”我會走之前,就在準備飛”的...would be getting ahead of themselves. They are skipping steps.要是某人在會分數之前,就想...

    • 英文文法之33

      I left earlier, and therefore I was ahead of them. 我走得較早, 因此我領先了他們. therefore是副詞, 擺在連接詞...