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    be alright
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    be alight with

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    • Everything Will Be Alright 英翻中

      - Everything Will Be Alright - -一切將好轉起來- So where to now when...我們也不去證明了 Everything will be alright 一切將會好轉起來 You will see... 你...

    • 幫我把這首歌翻中文~!!!!!!

      everything's gonna be alright. everything's gonna be alright. 一切都會沒事的 who ever thought...ever die. 因為在內心深處 你知道我們的愛永不死 everything's gonna be alright(yeah) . 一切都會沒事的(yeah) everything's gonna be okay(no doubt...

    • 英文翻成中文

      Everything gona be be alright 的意思就是 一切都會沒事的