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    • 我要發問What is actor?

      What is an actor? 演員是什麼?An actor represents a role, not an individual user of the system. 那位...角色,不是一個系統的單個使用者。Actors can be ranked. A primary actor...

    • 可否有親幫我修改文章?

      ...dream takes efforts to realize, let alone being an actor. Being a successful actor, you need to go through...某一個人. he/she who has a dream to become an actor 比較清楚且生動. 4. should got affirmation and...

    • 英文演講稿【中翻英】20點!!

      ...exception, my dream is to be an actor, developing my ...movement, although funny,But he is extremely natural, he does not...entertainment audience, finally, trades an applause, this lets me...