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    • 幫我看一下我的文法是否正確

      It is more appropriate/formal to reply in a more formal way with the statement.' It is obvious that you used an electronic translator to get to this sentence. We can...

    • 請問這一句的句子的兩個as 當什麼解?

      ... tick the box as appropriate. => Please tick the box as it is appropriate to tick the box. [it]=[to tick the box] I hope to attend your party as set...

    • 有關英文適合 配合翻譯問題

      ...您做參考 1. You are not appropriate to be a teacher. 2. The police needs...negative tone. 2012-05-07 02:54:20 補充: To prisoner26535, If the above is your example, I appreciate that...