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    • at/in the front of

      ...前方 (通常指司機開車時面對的方向是前方) 所以 3.Mary and I are at the front of the bus. 瑪莉和我在巴士(車內)前方(靠司機)的地方...

    • 3題文法-請懂英文解答-謝謝

      ...At the gate調句首, 剩下的主謂對調為waited the beggar, 結構完全正確. At the front of his house __(are)___ an apple tree and a lot of beautiful flowers. A) is ...

    • 請幫忙翻譯移位動作的英文,謝謝!

      ... sequence is repeated from side to side until patients are properly positioned at the front of the wheelchair seat. 這個結果是重複邊對邊的技巧直到病患已適當安置到輪椅的...