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    • 請幫我檢查一下以下英文對話的文法、用字及標點符號等

      ...: What kind of the party, is it? Smith: It's a party...society. John: What will they confer in the party? Smith: They will confer on the best way to design a barometer...

    • 請問撥穗英文

      Move the tassel. Tassels should be on the right side of your cap throughout the ceremony until degrees are conferred. You will be advised when to move the tassel to the left side.

    • 急需專業的英文高手~英翻中(醫學)?

      ...physiological and physicochemical effects conferring this apparent protection. 流行病學研究指出...的防護機制。 (2)Urinary calcium was significantly greater on the high calcium diet but urinary oxalate ...