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    • 英翻中。。請翻正確無誤的給我。。謝謝。。10點

      ...明確表態,但其他民進黨員並無選擇權2.DPP officials say the move is part of its efforts to ensure a good turnout. 民進黨官員說, 這項行動...

    • To his coy mistress這首詩的翻譯

      ...that is what she wants, then, that, is what she should have; he is committed to the conquest, a conquest that can only come about as a result of him fully satisfying her; and, no doubt it is...

    • Jim Yong's writing style +15

      ... is a webpage about Louis' Biography for... not enough materials, here is the website with Jin Yong...writer and journalist isn't being coy, though. It's just that he's been...