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    • 請幫幫我看一下我寫的是否要修改,急需,謝謝!!

      ...quot; to describe his condition. Such distasteful comments hurts they victim more than a simple criticism. Furthermore, it is unacceptable to use entertainers' tragedy as advertisement for...

    • 讀者文摘一篇英文

      According to this paragraph,sometimes the best choice is made by others. People who are involved...

    • 英文的”龜毛”是什麼??

      ...動作拖拖拉拉, 不乾脆 Lag (v.) = to hang back; linger; delay, drag, dally, 拖拖拉拉... a fastidious or scrupulous avoidance of the distasteful or it may suggest cowardly withdrawal from what is feared; hesitate. Shrink...