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    • (20點)劇本英文對話翻譯

      ...較口語化的方式翻譯 : Belle: Here is so dreadful ! I want to leave !! 天使面: computer,it doesn’t matter. Cuz here is i-pad,you can watch films on the ...

    • 能不能給我例句?

      ... is a multiple choice test. 可怕的 dreadful There has been a dreadful earthquake in Taiwan. It was a dreadful movie.極糟糕的影片...

    • fearsome、frightful、dreadful之差異

      ...狗 怕貓 怕某種香味.. ex: 怕水 怕游泳.. 怕火 等.. ex: he is very dreadful to go back school. 他很害怕回學校 ( 可能之前被欺負有陰影) 我解釋...