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    • [英文]翻譯種菜2

      ...agrochemical, because the vegetables insect is too many, fearing will be eaten up the light by them. Pass by along with time, after vegetable is mature can eat. We all would not go to the kitchen...

    • 高職英文N題

      ...的片語 , 有空看看 ...... go up 上漲 go down 下降 go on...就會上漲 ??? 4.He was convinced _of_ (B)that (C)by (D)of 這是convine這...and I don't feel like _eating_ anything now. (A)to eat...

    • 英文閱讀測驗 20點 麻煩來幫忙~><

      1. C 2. With small pieces of leaf, dead insects and other debris...spare egg sacs. 6. Because that spider's decoy is the first to have leg-like appendages. 7. 3.81...