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    • I am no expert

      I am no expert. = I am not an expert at all. Therefore, "I am... of no ( not at all; far from being: He is no genius. He is not a genius. = stating...

    • 請問這樣的英文句子通順嗎

      You are the expert in this field, I should learn from you. 你是這...Expert of this field" sounds like the field is growing experts. Since you are learning from...

    • 請問"你已經有女朋友了"的英文有沒有什麼通俗講法?

      I am expert on this by experiences. So, here is the aswer for you. "...general use. "我正在戀愛中"或"我已經跟人交往了" "I am already in serious relationship." "我已經有喜歡的人了" "I...