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  1. be in communication with sb.

    • ph.
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    • 問英文形容詞問題 buy a more powerful computer for home so that she can be in ____ communication with her European colleagues...more powerful computer will NOT insurance uninterrupted communication. Nevertheless, a more powerful computer ...

    • 麻煩一下企管.管理(用英文回答,不是翻譯)-20點2天

      ...2005-12-12 10:38:41 補充: I realized that the most important thing in communication was to make the person understood what I was saying. ...

    • 英文片語 前面V(be動詞or助動詞)求解?

      ...字典都會用例句幫你明白一個片語的用法,你就可看到該用什麼動詞了。 3. to be in communication with:與...聯絡; to get into communication with: 開始與...聯絡,這兩組片語是放在...