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  1. be in operation

    • ph.
      (使某事物)生效, 起作用
    • 釋義


    • 1. (使某事物)生效, 起作用 Is this rule in operation yet? 這條規則生效了嗎?
  2. 知識+

    • 請問英文高手們,in operation fast翻譯

      While the company was in operation fast,.... 這句話指的是這種公司能快速地營運起起來,但是... while通常有轉折...

    • 請問這些單字英文的英文意思為何?

      ...last week. (她父親上周動了一次大手術。) (f)軍事行動,作戰 The general was in command of operations in the north. (將軍負責指揮北方的作戰行動。) (g)交易,買賣 He ...

    • 英文面試和關於機械領域

      ... installed a cylinder and a sensor used to detect whether the machine was in operation or not. As long as the machine was still in operation, the door would lock...