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    • 英文改錯------名詞子句 I was on my way to my first class who was inquisitive about who else could be in the class and inquisitive about what kind of the teacher could be...

    • 幫我翻譯幾句英文........我英文很爛

      1.小孩子總是對身邊的事情感到好奇。 2.當他的媽媽知道有人在照顧小孩之後,她就回去工作了。 3.他堅持要我跟他一起去,但我拒絕了。 4.當動物小的時候都很愛玩。

    • inquisitive與curious的差別與用法

      inquisitive=>好問的,好奇的,好追根究底的,調查的; A good scientist must have a inquisitive manner to every thing. curious => 渴於求知的,好問的,好奇的,好管閒事的; Children are curious about everything. 由以上二例,發現curious是對一般事物的好奇; 而inquisitve是...