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  1. be involved in

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      關心, 熱心, 涉及, 加入, 參加, 被(麻煩)牽連
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    • 1. 關心, 熱心, 涉及, 加入, 參加, 被(麻煩)牽連 He was deeply involved in his work. 他非常熱中他的工作。 More cabinet members should be involved in policy-making. 應該有更多的內閣閣員參與政策的制定。


    關心, 熱心, 涉及, 加入, 參加, 被(麻煩)牽連


    「關心, 熱心, 涉及, 加入, 參加, 被(麻煩)牽連」的反義字

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      ...的回答 involve 本身是及物動詞, 所搭配的情形常見的有下列兩種 He "is involved in" many schoool activities. 動詞為 is He "involves...

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      1. (to)be involved in I don't want to be involved in this mess...nothing to do with this matter. 4. (to)participate in I will be participating in this year's speech contest. 5. as a result of As...

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      be involved in 涉入 be engaged in 忙於; 從事於 involve, engage等動詞...固定用法. 2012-12-11 12:45:47 補充: is engaged in am engaged in are engaged in was/were...