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    • He is lazy/He is being lazy.

      "He is lazy" means this person has been lazy all his life. He...039;t start working on it after three days, you can say "he is being lazy." 偷懶而已。

    • 請問"Leo has never be lazy,has he?"中的 be為何不是用been呢?

      ...quot;....",因此後句的tag question便應該是反詞的, hasn't he? "never been lazy"是一組意思的"從不懶散",並不等同He has not been...

    • 英文be動辭

      1. ARE pigs lazy animals? 因為pigs是複數, 所以用Are 單數就用... you want to make friends with me? 5. ARE you an honest student? "你"是誠實的學生嗎? "你...