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    • How does earthquake happens?

      ... the immediate wake of the earthquake, people were newly made aware of this land that we live on, and examined...on the two prefectures, as they then were, of Hsinchu and Taichung...

    • 外商基本資料填寫的疑問~請有經驗的大大幫忙說明一下~~謝謝

      ...出事情要被通知的人...) 4.Any medical condition(s) the Company should be made aware of:---- 是要寫甚麼?? 曾有過的疾病嗎?? ANS.主要寫會影響保險條款的...

    • 英文IF用法

      ...been doing all these years. Unfortunately, I wasn't made aware of the possibilities until it was too late.先試翻看看:如果我早想像如何靠自己賺大錢,很明顯地,這將會是...