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  1. be of the same mind

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    • 1. 【文】意見一致 We are all of the same mind: opposed to the proposal. 我們想法一樣, 都反對這項提議。
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    • 論文裡面的其中一句不懂

      ... is a truism that the defining characteristic of L2 acquisition is the presence of a second language in the same mind as a first and that the characteristic of an L2 community is the...

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      ...good competition to a degree, to the different countries... respective efforts of reading, let us...'ll not sure she is not treat me as ... and shame in mind, think of our own is...

    • 英文文法句型分析-4

      ...動詞片語,of是片語的一部分。 .When were you thinking of meeting? 這句的語意有問題。看不懂...think of something也是動詞片語。 I’m of the same mind that… 這句的語意也有問題。看不懂。 ...