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    • 警察車輛訓練文章英翻中2

      ... in a simulated pursuit driving situation where they are pitted against an instructor under controlled conditions. Students are...

    • 贈20點!!!!請英文翻譯高手幫忙翻譯這篇文章~謝謝

      態度傲慢的客人光顧餐廳時,服務生與客人之間的互動就如同玩一場遊戲,更會 相互質疑對方的心態。例如:有些顧客是不習慣給服務生小費,但可能因為服務生的態度丕變而不得不用錢化解彼此的尷尬,一旦發生這情況就是將小費犒賞的好意 變成花錢了事的心態。而許多服務生也將顧客...

    • 請英翻中不要是網路翻譯的

      ... that won't skew anyone's forecasting acumen or pit one department against another are total revenue, without reference to which units contributed what, and profit...