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    • produce,product及production的不同?

      ... that have been produced esp by farming. 這個字...increase our production by using more efficient...3. thing that has been produced, esp a play, firm, etc...

    • 由…製作(produced by)這樣寫可以嗎?

      英文的遊戲軟體通常會說是game title 雖然軟體不是物品但是還是可以用produced 例如電視節目或電影也都適用produce(製作人叫做producer) 所以這一句可以這樣說 This game title is produced by XX company.

    • 中文翻譯英文報告~超急件

      This song was produced by Joanna, whom happens to be the daughter...39;t know the exact meaning of this song, but there are some image that flows in my mind. For...