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    • What is replication and repeat

      replication - 複製 例如: 調好一個濃度的溶劑 想要複製出同樣一份溶劑 這時的複製 就是用 replication repeat - 重複 例如: 一個實驗有10個步驟 做完第一輪之後 要求重複做第5~8個步驟 就會用 repeat

    • 價格和之前相同 請幫忙中翻英

      ...中文來表示時常常會省略因果的用法.. 如果您要的是以下句子.. The item is a repeating purchase and the price of it is as same as before. 就可能比較無法讓人理解...

    • 英文強的人~看一下 eliminate bias. Each test concentration was repeated five times and in each replicate subject...yeast powder in the ratio of 3:1. Adults were provided with 10% sucrose solution and were...