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    • 向英文好手請教,文法的問題關於 to be !?

      it's quite impossible to be successful without industry. 在文法上it 是假主詞,真正的主詞是to be successful...寫成 To succeed without industry is quite impossible. to be successful=to succeed 意思是 想要成功。 2005-12-18 00:23:27 補充...

    • Successful? being better. Same as those famous people, the reason why they are successful is that they have patient to do everything of their job. Beside...

    • 英文問題有關不定詞跟 to be adj 的問題??

         to        be      successful(不定詞)  (原形動詞)  (形容詞)這是修飾問題,be動詞後會+形容詞to+successful,你...因為不定詞to後+原形動詞(be是原形動詞),然後be動詞後常+形容詞,所以才是to be successful 2005-12-18 21:44:50 補充: to be adj也是不定詞...總之 to □ adj,框框中一定...