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    be suspicious of

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    • suspicious 和skeptical有何不同?

      someone is suspicious (of others) (about things) 是懷疑人做了什麼不好,不誠實或違法的事情(或覺得事情是有蹊翹)!someone is skeptical of 後通常只接事情,表示當事人對這件事情的正當性或真實性存疑,不相信,或不贊同!

    • 誰可以幫我正確的翻譯這段文字?

      ...由電話中取得而並未有客人親自書寫的書面文件證實。 The staff auditor was suspicious of the client's unwillingness to allow written confirmation of the amounts...

    • 請幫我看看我翻的有沒有問題還有語句了解。

      ...-living room meeting will not work where neighbors are suspicious of one another, interviews might be better. 家居式的開會形式無法用...