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    • 請幫我用英文翻譯關於泰國文化內容

      ... did not understand and look at unknown, is understandable. However, most Thai people understand...this time the shape of your hands is like a lotus bud. On different ...

    • make sense和follow someone的中文解釋

      1. make sense-be understandable/logical (講得通,有意義) 當你在翻時,不能直接翻說是否有意義...講不通,所以就是make no sense 2.follow someone-understand what someone is saying follow someone在美式口語用法是指聽懂別人說什麼...

    • leading up to 如何翻譯,及翻譯這段英文

      ...of sales we would do leading up to the New Year,which is understandable considering that this is the first year we have had...