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    • 請問下面這句英文要怎麼翻譯?

      我們最新的公司型錄中,有許多的產品照片有ㄧ點過度曝光(過亮),所以無法使用在商業用途上。 希望對你有幫助。

    • 英翻中(20點)禁用軟體和網站翻~謝謝~

      ...quot;內部轉移" 。 Reports produced from the data warehouse may be inconsistent and unusable, 從資料倉儲產生的報告可能不一致和不能使用, particularly for real-time decision...

    • atmospheric agents 怎麼翻呢?

      ...suggest you keep the unused grid in a dry and cool place, in order to prevent it from being damaged by humidity or by other atmospheric agents, as this would make it unusable in the future. 在單一溫度地區的操作方法: 必須移開黑色瓶子的支架並以配件...