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  1. be won or lost

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    • 1. 贏或輸 Some games are won or lost just because the weather is bad. 有些比賽的贏或輸正因為是天氣不好。
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      我們會准時來的, 不是嗎


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    • 這句英文怎說

      I am Win's friend, she told me you want to releas your would sell your house. May I have a look for it ? 直接說Win 說他們要賣房子,問可否參觀一下 上述都可~~

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      ...只有The game was exciting.這場比賽很刺激 中間插入了which was won by Tiger這句關係子句 整句成為The game which was won...

    • 課本為什麼說..快贏了..的英文是are winning

      就像 I'm leaving now. 我要離開了 的例子一樣 代表的含意是未來式 用法就跟 be going to ... = will 希望可以幫助你 :)))