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    • 英文造句<全名英檢>

      ... room messy. Jeff was getting his body messy. 2.sound-聲音 使... ago. She was becoming popular by her soft voice.設計 Judy ...

    • 有關英文的詞法 詞性

      ...practice, keep, mind, spend, waste+ Ving), 6.連綴(be, become, get, turn +形容詞) 7.五感(…起來 look, sound, smell, taste...) 狀態(tall, short, wide, large, thin, graceful, soft, early, interesting) 沒有級數( favorite, super, perfect...

    • 拜託英文高手...中翻英.....急..10點

      ... feel you also change a few Judies for the sake of me.You become more gentle and soft and have the qualities. Judy:will also cook rice after you got married! Maya:oh!Juneson you What a good man!