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    • 疏遠的英文單字

      aloof; remote to drift apart; to become estranged; to keep sb. at a distance alienate 使疏遠;離間[(+from...adjective)遠離的冷漠的,不關心的Later on, he became aloof and silent.後來,他變得超然離群,沈默寡言...

    • 我想打幾句句子 幫我翻英文

      What you want is this kind of feeling? Desolate becomes estranged? You thought that I mount you very much? This ...

    • (急)我要琳賽蘿涵的英文資料

      ...09:12:09 補充: contamination narcotics history. The father is becoming estranged with the family member. in 2005, snow grains Egypt and Tiner...