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    • 夢中情境文章~~~

      ... forest groaned as if in pain. And so overcast was the sky that night came several ...for help, but no help was forthcoming. The night became darker, the wind blew harder, and...

    • 可以幫我翻譯嗎?

      在途中對一座山在嚴冬, 我滴下了在我旅行與和迷路的小組之後。使事態更壞, 它開始沉重下雨。風艱苦吹了, 並且被炸開的森林呻吟了好像在痛苦中。並且很陰暗是天空, 夜來了幾個小時早期比通常。冷和嚇唬, 我到處打顫。所有我能做將呼喊為幫助, 但幫助不是即將到來的。夜變得更加黑暗...

    • 英文日記 x2 (中翻英)

      ...of year three, lay aside the bad weather of the one overcast and rainy of New Year's Eve and...another the color of beautifully shock.The weather gradually becomes warm, everyone supports the old and carries...