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  1. before one knows where one is (or before one knows it)

    • ph.
      with baffling speed
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    • ph.
      with baffling speed

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • Uverworld -[Ai Ta 心] 日翻中(10)

      ...高等級 I believe it so fly to a chest I believe it so fly to a chest Before one knows it Before one knows it 永久さえ感じた 就連永遠都感受到 あ...

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      ... the same 所有的一切仍然一樣 I knew it right from the start 我打從一開始就已知道 Like I never ever loved no one before you 彷彿在遇見你之前我從未真正愛過一個人 ...

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      ...必須填上過去式的 “saw”,寫成 “I know someone who saw one in her bedroom.”,翻譯成「我知道看到有人...話 “Had Mark ever _____ to a museum before?” 其實是用過去完成式 “had + Vp...