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  1. between

    • KK[bɪˋtwin]
    • DJ[biˋtwi:n]


    • prep.
    • adv.
    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 相關詞


    • 1. (指時間,空間,順序等)在……之間 They planted a lot of trees between the two buildings. 他們在兩座建築物之間栽了許多樹。 These books were written between 1736 and 1770. 這些書寫於一七三六至一七七零年之間。
    • 2. (指數量,距離,程度等)介乎……之間 He is a man between sixty and seventy. 他的年齡約在六十到七十之間。
    • 3. 連接著……;來往於……之間 There is a path between the house and the road. 有條小路將房子與出路連接起來。
    • 4. 為……所分享(或分擔) Between them they landed the big fish. 他們齊心協力將大魚捕上岸。 The three children saved about two hundred dollars between them. 三個孩子一起積蓄了大約二百元錢。
    • 5. 由於……的共同影響 Between work and studies Bill has no time left. 工作和學習使比爾無暇它顧。


    • 1. 在中間;介乎兩者之間 We had a faculty meeting at 2 p.m. and a lecture later, with a 15-minute coffee break between. 午後二時我們開教師會議,而後有一個講座,在此之間我們有十五分鐘喝咖啡休息。


    prep. 在……之間

    • ph.
      分開 Anna and Ida are very good friends and nothing can come between them. 安娜和艾達是好朋友, 沒什麼能使她們分開。
    • ph.
      居間調停 He went between two parties. 他為雙方排解糾紛。
    • ph.
      在...之間 Mary is sitting between you and me. 瑪麗正坐在你我之間。 That important basketball game will be played between a Chinese and an American team. 那場重要的籃球比賽將是中華隊出賽美國隊。
    • ph.
      只限於咱們之間 Between ourselves, that young man's hair is much too long. 就咱倆之間說說, 那小伙子的頭髮實在是太長了。
    • ph.
      分開 Anna and Ida are very good friends and nothing can come between them. 安娜和艾達是好朋友,沒什麼能使她們分開。
    • adj.
    • n.
    • n.
      媒介者;中間人;仲介 Someone played the part of a go-between in almost every bribery scandal. 幾乎在每一件弊案中都有人扮演中間人的角色。
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    • IPA[bɪˈtwiːn]



    • prep.
      在…之間 there is a wall between the two gardens 兩個花園之間有一堵牆 between the ages of 12 and 18 在12歲和18歲之間
    • 在之間,從…到…,介於…