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    • 英翻中 sweep sb off one's floor

      ...and unquestioning support, approval, or acceptance by a person 出處's+feet 所以這並不是只有女性專用詞~ 你在美國讀書嗎 問的問題...

    • 航空英語課本,有一段我看不懂,希望有人幫忙翻譯

      ...牛仔褲可以,但不要繫上有金屬的皮帶 You will have to take them off and put them in the bin with your shoes. 如果有,你要把皮帶解下並和鞋子一起放在櫃子...

    • a和b是相同品種的仙人掌

      ...artificial pollination. 這是他們去年的寶寶,五個月大 These are the off-springs at the age of 5 months. 2015-07-11 05:18:28 補充: >...