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  1. break up with sb.

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    • 1. 與某人絕交 She's just broken up with her boy-friend. 她剛與男朋友絕交。
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    • 我有說過分手半次嗎?

      break up with xxx : 與xxx分手 請參閱:語感中要帶到: Have I uttered even a word about breaking up with you? Did I ever say a single word about breaking...

    • 英文達人,救命啊,我需要英文演講一分鐘的草稿

      ...and fellow classmates today im here to talk you about the best way to break up with yoor boyfriend or girlfriend . everyone needs love you boyfriend or girlfriend they always...

    • 有關英文片語的中譯和造句

      1.break up with 分手 He just broke up with his girlfriend a couple... failed to hand in the homework before the deadline. 10.break the law 違反法律 Good citizens shouldn't break the...