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    bright and breezy

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    • bright in the eye是何義?

      ...典故 沒找到)He is bright in the eye.他帶著醉意/ 他微醺了~片語:bright and breezy【口】非常可愛;活潑;快樂;無憂無慮。bright and early【口】大清早。bright...

    • 急...十二星座的英文簡介

      ... are also changeable and inconstant. Gemini energy is bright and breezy but also superficial and inconsiderate - Mercury the Trickster never let...

    • 暑假作業!! 寫一封英文信給老師~~急

      ...friendly.Warmhearted 老師也很開朗 The teacher is also very bright 而且老師老師活潑.輕鬆的教學 And teacher teacher is cheery.Relaxed teaching 讓我每次都很期待...