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    • How to build up immunity

      ... you sure it is not the allergic reaction caused by seasonal pollen? To improve immune system, your doctor should have recommended you to maintain...

    • 請教翻譯troop build-ups

      ... to target harbours, missile and radar bases, as well as troop build-ups prior to any invasion of the island, they say. 據說, 這武器, 相當於阿美的(JDAM)"...

    • build up是何義?

      ...事,總會難免在我們心裏激起很多漣漪,有著一波又一波的各種「期望」。 build up 字面直譯是像蓋房子那樣「蓋起來」,或者「增進/增大」,但這邊如果只用...