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    burst out laughing

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    • 歡迎英文高手幫我解答 at my leisure. 我有空時會回電話」 2、burst out laughing:放聲大笑,與 burst out srying放聲大哭用法相同...the wall. 2010-01-04 21:55:39 補充: 修正: 2、burst out crying (打錯字) 5、you found it a...

    • 有關英文片語的中譯和造句

      ... burst into laugher the moment she got the good news. =She burst out laughing on hearing the news of his survival. 3.compete for 競爭 We...

    • burst??burst??burst??

      ..., the commom phrases ,such as " burst out crying or burst out laughing " and " burst into tears or burst into laughter" utilized...