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    • 急:英文朗讀比賽 "20點"

      ... listed many things: health, happiness, personal accomplishments...any delaying, seems, it burst out from me, I learn passionate, my own dance, with my own music and be on the stage...

    • 英翻中~”~急需(書名是理性與感性其中的一小段)

      ...quot; "I saw him myself, madam, with his lady, Miss Steele, as her...from a carriage, and asked after the young ladies health. Then she smiled and said she ...

    • 轉學考英文考古題!請幫幫忙!

      以下是個人認為的答案,有錯請指正: 11(C)。MSG是味精monosodium glutamate的縮寫,味精是人工產物,很自然的我就會寫(C)選項了。 12(C)。從題意判斷:long trip一定是很累人的,"所以"才需要早點睡覺。 13(D)。in spite of=despite,要是選項(B)把of...