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  1. came

    • KK[kem]
    • DJ[keim]


    • come的動詞過去式
    • 相關詞
    • vi.
    • Could you come (to) see me tomorrow? 你明天能來看我嗎?

      Come and look at the picture. 過來看看這幅畫。

    • vt.
    • He thought to come a trick over his old pal. 他想跟他的老朋友開個玩笑。
    • n.
    • With the coming of winter the days get shorter. 隨著冬天的到來,白晝短了。
    • adj.
    • this coming Tuesday 下一個星期二
    • vi.
      來; 沿…下來/上來; 穿過…進來
    • (I'm) coming! (我)來了!

      to come home 回家

    • vt.
    • she came the helpless female 她裝得像個無助的女人

      don't come the innocent with me! 別在我面前扮無辜!

    • n.
    • prep.
    • it'll be a year come June 到六月份就有一年了
    • n.
    • comings and goings 來來往往
    • adj.
    • I leave this coming Monday 我下週一離開
    • ph. 停止工作; 罷工

    • The miners have come out on strike. 礦工已罷工。

    • ph. 進來

    • Paul: Hi, Sara. I hope that I'm not late. Sara: Come in, Paul. You're early. 保羅: “嗨, 莎拉。我希望我沒有遲到。”莎拉: “保羅, 請進。你來早了。”

    • ph. 倒塌

    • The ceiling came down suddenly. 天花板突然塌落。

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    • IPA[keɪm]



    • pt
    • 來,來臨,成為

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