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    • 請教這段歌詞的意思問題(泰勒絲的)

      他提到說回想到之前男生說的 forever and always 他是站在現在的立場去回想過去的自己 所以稱過去的那個自己為you 把畫面帶到他很低落的時候 回想到他生說過的永遠永遠的那個畫面 形容自己在下了雨的房間意指淚如雨下 然後所有事都錯了都亂了。 歌詞都會表現一種意境 不完全照著...

    • 英文翻譯 有點不懂 可以幫我翻翻看嗎

      ...the boat, he would read books, play his guitar, catch fish, or cook. 當他沒有航行或者在修理船隻時, 他讀書...的附近. 5. Huge waves pushed the boat onto its side and poured into the cabin. 巨大的海浪...

    • 意譯~~英翻中~~~謝絕線上翻譯~~謝謝

      If a traveler were to stray onto the twisted roads that lead from the forests... that he seeks to test out upon those he can catch. A devotee of the plague god Nurgle, this mysterious...