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    • 1. 吸引……的注意力 The meteoric rise of Daniel Han in 2018 caught the eyes of global Chinese. 2018年韓國瑜的崛起吸引了全球華人的注意力。
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    • eye catching qualities是什麼?

      ...啊,所以,沒有把美的感覺代入。當然本文裡面的eye catching 搭配那個aesthetic form,這段文字的作者指的就是...美國景觀建築師協會(American Society of Landscape Architects)

    • 英文演講搞

      ... Face to face conversation has long gone, what catching on the eyes of younger generation is chatting on net. Almost every site...

    • 英語新聞標題文法詢問 is a title, it doesn't need to be a complete sentence, as long as it can catch the eyes of readers. 2012-10-12 08:33:47 補充: In a word,when this statement...