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    • Please help me to check this

      ...anything that is influential to a person would cause anxiety. Thus, learning to ease one's mind and relax one's body, and ... a princess in a large dark castle. when to use "the"? -- when speaking of an...

    • 英文段落翻譯>”

      ...epidemic are causing anxiety across the globe. 一種(和1918年...virus, called H5N1, causes a type of flu in birds; the fear is that it could cross over to humans, and our immune...

    • 帥哥/美女幫幫忙,需要您們的專長幫我翻譯(英翻中)感謝!

      ...使受訓者非常容易更新內容.Can be used to enhance instructor-led training.可被用來強化以...帶領的訓練. Disadvantages~缺點May cause trainee anxiety.可能使受訓者焦慮.Not all trainees...