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  1. certain

    • KK[ˋsɝtən]
    • DJ[ˋsə:tn]


    • adj.
    • pron.
    • 比較級:more certain 最高級:most certain

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 相關詞
    • adj.
    • 1. 確鑿的,無疑的;可靠的
    • 2. 確信的,有把握的;一定會的[F][(+of/about)][+(that)][+wh-][+to-v]

      They are certain to succeed. (They are certain of success.) (They are certain that they will succeed.) 他們確信會成功。

      I'm quite certain of that. 對那事我完全可以肯定。

    • 3. 某,一位姓……的(人)[B]

      A certain person called on you yesterday. 昨天有個人來拜訪過你。

    • 4. 某種(或一定)程度的[B]
    • pron.
    • 1. 某幾個;某些[(+of)]


    a. 確鑿的;確信的

    a. 某;某種程度的


    「a. 無疑的;可靠的」的反義字

    • ["\n 確定

    • Although we cannot always know for certain who invented a word, we can often remember it more easily if we know the story about where it comes from. 雖然我們不能總是確定知道誰發明字, 但是假如我們知道有關字的來源的故事, 我們就能更容易地常常記住它。

      Would you love to know for certain how Alice likes living in California? 你很想確定知道愛麗絲喜不喜歡住在加州嗎?

    • ["\n 確信; 弄清

    • You must make certain to switch the light off before you leave the office. 你離開辦公室之前, 一定要把燈關上。

      I want to make certain when the telephone was invented. 我想弄清楚電話是什麼時候發明的。

    • ["\n 肯定地

    • I don't know for certain. 我無法肯定。

    • ["\n certain的形容詞比較級

    • ["\n 確定

    • Please make certain when the train leaves. 請確定火車什麼時候開。

    • ["\n certain的形容詞最高級

    • ["\n 肯定地

    • I don't know for certain. 我無法肯定。

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    • IPA[ˈsɜːtn]



    • adj.
    • they face certain death 他們必死無疑

      to make certain (of sth.) 弄清楚(某事物)

    • pron.
    • certain of those present 有些出席的人
    • ["\n

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