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  1. charges

    • charge的名詞複數
    • 相關詞
    • vt.
      索價;對……索費;課(稅)[O1][(+for)] This store often charges only 65 US cents a dozen for large eggs. 一打大雞蛋在這家店裡常常僅賣六角五分。
    • vi.
      索價;收費[(+for)] The store doesn't charge for delivery. 該店免費送貨。
    • n.
      費用,價錢,索價[C][(+for)] The charge for admission is US$5. 入場費五美元。
    • adj.
    • charge的動詞現在分詞、動名詞
    • vt.
      收取; 向…收費 she charged me £3 for cleaning the windows 她擦窗戶要了我3英鎊 we charge postage to the customer or the customer for postage 我們向顧客收取郵資
    • vi.
      收費 to charge for delivery 收取送貨費
    • n.
      費用 free of charge 免費 delivery charge 送貨費
    • adj.
      帶電的 a negatively charged particle 帶負電的粒子
    • 充電


    • 指控,費用,沖鋒,電荷,炸藥,主管,被託管人,囑咐控訴,加罪於,使充滿


    • 充電的


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    • 教我charge的英文

      charge KK: [] DJ: [] vt. (及物動詞 transitive verb...索費;課(稅)[O1][(+for)] This store often charges only 65 US cents a dozen for large ...] She became her aunt's charge after her mother died. 她母親去世後...

    • accuse,charge的不同

      ...無憑無據的控訴也是用這個字) John accused James on charges of lying and stealing. 約翰指控詹姆士欺騙與偷竊。 charge - 控告...

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      change和charge怎麼分? change、charge都有$$的意思 但在細分的話 change專用在找回的錢、硬幣...sack of loose change. 3.The courier had change for a $10 bill. 而charge比較廣泛使用如:cover charge服務費transportation charge運輸費 packing charge包裝費...