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    • very poor choice of words的意思是?

      very poor choice of words 字面解作 "用字不好", 除了有表達不適當之意,還可指言語的表達上引起誤會、甚至冒犯了別人!肯定是負面的!

    • 請問英文文法when

      ... to each other, not only in content but also in grammatical structures and choice of words. 我可以很肯定的指出, 您這本講義把本句的第一個逗號標錯了地方, 它應標...

    • 幫我翻譯兩句關於縮寫的英文

      ...----------- 2.You use a poor choice of words in the marked phrase, clause, or sentence. 2. 你在顯著的片語、子句或...