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    • 麻煩中翻英,有關簡單的描述他人~謝謝~

      ... is my classmate from English class as a full-time student. He is studying..., he does not like his job as he have to go and purchase many complicated ...

    • 鼓勵英文怎麼說?

      43.Not concentrate enough in class as well as too talktive today. 44.The reaction in conversation is slower... them with us. 46.Looks like tired in class, does she/he get sick? => i just try to help u with what u want, and it...

    • As a whole 與 on the whole

      ...all the parts of something as one unit The class as a whole did well.就整體來看,這一班表現得不錯... a whole, the class did well. The class as a whole did well. The class did well...